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Welcome to SAXS MoW2 page!
The small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) technique is based on the detection of the elastic scattering of X-rays by samples with inhomogeneities of the electron density in the nm-range. X-ray scattering in the small angle range contains information about the shape and size of nano-objects in dilute solution such as macromolecules, characteristic distances of partially ordered nanostructured materials, nanopore sizes, and other low resolution structure features. SAXS provides structural parameters of macromolecules with sizes between 5 and 25 nm. For dilute protein solutions, SAXS results reveal the oligomerization state, gyration radius, maximum diameter of proteins and conformational changes induced by ligand association, etc. The theory applied in the analysis of SAXS produced by of proteins in solution is described, for example, in Simulated Annealing (2008), Book edited by Cher Ming Tan, ISBN 978-953-7619-07-7, pp. 420, I-Tech Education and Publishing, Vienna, Austria.
During the past years our group used the SAXS technique to study proteins and other polymeric materials in solution. We conduct our experiments at the SAXS beam line of the Brazilian Synchrotron Light National Laboratory (LNLS) and our publications related to this can be found here.
The package SAXS MoW2 (SAXS Molecular Weight) can be used for easy processing of small-angle X-ray scattering data from monodisperse systems (protein macromolecules, actually) in diluted solution. This is an extension of previous SAXSMoW which can be still found on its obsolete page. Most significant change from previous version is that the package works with raw SAXS data (.dat files) measured on a relative scale and can be applied to monodisperse systems of proteins in diluted solution. By default, the software tries to find best Guinier fitting and region of integration in Kratky plot, but experienced user always can ajust the parameters by own hands and recalculate. SAXSMoW2 is a standalone application which should be downloaded and unzipped to use. It is available for Window and Unix/Linux platforms and inside the downloaded archive you can find README file which is highly recommended for reading firstly to avoid a doubts, if any, and check requirements for your platform. More detailed description of the software you can find in our articles available by links in bottom of the page.
Download SAXSMoW2:
  • for Windows (~10 MB)
  • for Unix/Linux (~38 kB)
  • Also, you may place here your e-mail and we will notify you about updates and news.
    If you found our software usefull, please cite us in your work:
    1. Hannes Fischer, Mario de Oliveira Neto, Hamilton B. Napolitano, Aldo F. Craievich, Igor Polikarpov. The molecular weight of proteins in solution can be determined from a single SAXS measurement on a relative scale. J. Appl. Cryst.43, 101-109. (2010).